A to Z Postcards

Colourful, collectible and straight to the point, our handy A-Z postcards can be viewed and downloaded here, just click on a letter. Please email marketing@libertywines.co.uk if you would like printed copies.

  • A is for Alcohol
  • B is for Biodynamic
  • C is for Cork
  • D is for Duty
  • F is for Fault
  • G is for Garganega
  • H is for Harvest
  • I is for Irrigation
  • J is for Jerez
  • K is for Kabinett
  • L is for Late Harvest
  • M is for McLaren Vale
  • N is for Natural Wine
  • O is for Oak
  • P is for Passito

L is for Late Harvest

‘Late harvest’ indicates wine made from grapes left on the vine longer than usual, allowing them to dehydrate naturally and concentrate to produce intense, complex, sweet wines. For her iconic Cordon Cut Riesling, Stephanie Toole at Mount Horrocks in the Clare Valley, Australia cuts the canes on the vines just before harvest to stop the water supply to the ripe grapes to cause them to shrivel and the flavours to intensify. Botrytised wines such as Sauternes, Tokaji Aszu and German Beerenauslese are made using white grapes affected by ‘botrytis cinerea’ or ‘noble rot’, a desirable mould that causes them to lose nearly all of their water content. They are the most complex and longest lived of sweet wines, and display a distinctive honeyed character.