A to Z Postcards

Colourful, collectible and straight to the point, our handy A-Z postcards can be viewed and downloaded here, just click on a letter. Please email marketing@libertywines.co.uk if you would like printed copies.

  • A is for Alcohol
  • B is for Biodynamic
  • C is for Cork
  • D is for Duty
  • F is for Fault
  • G is for Garganega
  • H is for Harvest
  • I is for Irrigation
  • J is for Jerez
  • K is for Kabinett
  • L is for Late Harvest
  • M is for McLaren Vale
  • N is for Natural Wine
  • O is for Oak
  • P is for Passito

B is for Biodynamic

Biodynamic viticulture is an approach based on the work of Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner. In addition to organic practices such as crop rotation and composting, biodynamic farmers rely on special plant, animal and mineral preparations and the rhythmic influences of the sun, moon, planets and stars. Biodynamics does not employ synthetic pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizers.
Utilizing the Stella Natura Biodynamic agricultural calendar, biodynamic farmers consider the positioning of the sun and the moon, and other “cosmic rhythms,” as guides for when to prune, plant, or dig. Internationally renowned producers who practice biodynamic viticulture include Domaine Leflaive of Puligny-Montrachet (France), Domaine Leroy of Vosne-Romanée (France), and Cullen Wines of Margaret River (Western Australia). Cullen Wines introduced biodynamic practices to ensure the sustainability of their vineyard, maintain soil fertility, and improve the health of their old vines, to enable them to produce consistent, balanced and high quality fruit for many years to come.