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Liberty Wines joins the Sustainable Restaurant Association Approved Supplier List

18th March, 2015

Liberty Wines joins the Sustainable Restaurant Association Approved Supplier List

We are delighted to share the news that we have just been added to the Sustainable Restaurant Association’s list of Approved Suppliers.  

The Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA) is a not-for-profit membership organisation helping restaurants become more sustainable and diners make more sustainable choices when dining out. They help restaurants source food more sustainably, manage resources more efficiently and work more closely with their community. They also help diners identify those restaurants doing the right thing.  

To become approved, suppliers are examined in the same 14 key focus areas as the restaurants across three main sustainability categories – Sourcing, Environment and Society. These assessments are overseen by the same expert SRA assessors who sign-off on the sustainability ratings and reports for national and international food service businesses that are known as “the Michelin stars of sustainability”.  They verify whether suppliers carry genuine certifications and undertake appropriate sustainable practices. The SRA Approved Supplier badge is therefore a mark of confidence for food service and catering businesses.  

We believe this is a fantastic endorsement from an independent assessor of the progress we have made towards greater sustainability and underlines how seriously we take the issue as a business. We can now be found in their Supplier Directory and we look forward to working with businesses who share our desire to encourage change through positive action.  

More information on the Sustainable Restaurant Association can be found on their website