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Liberty Wines Achieves Carbon Neutrality

11th April, 2014

Liberty Wines Achieves Carbon Neutrality

We are delighted to announce a major step forward in our environmental programme: Liberty Wines has been certified as carbon neutral from the 1st April. This means that following an independent assessment of our carbon footprint we have agreed to offset a total of 1,462 tonnes of CO2e.

Since moving to our new office and warehouse facility in January 2013 we have been working to reduce our carbon footprint. We have seen first-hand the pressures of climate change in vineyards and olive groves. The move to less intervention in the vineyard by producers like Isole e Olena, Fontodi and Cullen, has shown me how better grapes could be produced in a ‘greener’ way and we share these learnings where appropriate with other producers across the globe. As a business we are committed to curbing these effects to help ensure the sustainability of the global wine industry.  

Over the past year, we have made significant steps in this direction. 70% of our Italian shipments have moved from road to rail, thereby reducing the carbon emissions of those shipments by 69%. We are committed to continuing with this programme, so our carbon emissions will be evaluated by an external organisation on an annual basis. We have also set a target to reduce our carbon footprint from an average of 3kg CO2e per case delivered to all our customers for the first year, to an average of 2.85 kg CO2e per case delivered over the next 12 months. We aim to achieve this by increasing imports by rail from Italy as well as introducing water saving technologies and reducing paper usage.

The quality of our products and the service we offer remains paramount, but working with an agricultural product we see a strong business need to address our environmental impact.

Please click here to view our full Environmental Policy.