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Environmental achievements gather momentum at Liberty Wines

15th May, 2015

Environmental achievements gather momentum at Liberty Wines

Liberty Wines is extremely proud to be the first leading UK premium wine distributor to be certified Carbon Neutral and we are pleased to announce that from 2015 this certification has been extended to include Liberty Wines Ireland. 

Our environmental programme has focused on tracking and reducing our carbon footprint in conjunction with Carbon Footprint Ltd, who independently assess our total carbon emissions. To complement our internal efforts, we have offset all emissions that are outside of our control (1,493 tonnes of CO2) by supporting two Verified Carbon Standard certified projects in Chile and Indonesia.

As a growing company, we are delighted with the significant achievements we’ve made in the past year, including: 

1.     Accreditation as an Approved Supplier by the Sustainable Restaurant Association, one of only three wine companies in their directory
2.     Further reduction in per case and per employee emissions. (Emissions per 9L case are down 0.7% YOY; emissions per employee are down 10.6% YOY)
3.     70% of our Italian shipments (approximately 60% of our total shipments from Europe come from Italy) were shipped by rail instead of road, cutting carbon emissions for those shipments by 50%
4.     95% of office waste was recycled, saving 312 trees
5.     Paper usage was reduced by 45% and 70% of the paper used was 100% recycled
6.     Water usage has been reduced from 68m3 per month to 61m3 through the installation of aerators on all taps and showers
7.     Implementation of systems to improve data collection and accuracy, allowing us to identify action points
8.     Increased staff engagement, thanks to participation in Cycle to Work Day and World Environment Day activities
9.     Installation of a beehive on our roof contributing to the local ecosystem  

We have also updated our Environmental Policy to reflect our ongoing goals, setting measurable objectives for the year ahead.  If you would like to see a copy please email