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Le Ferre

Taranto, Puglia


Puglian brothers Luca and Giuseppe Esposito released their first commercially produced Le Ferre oil following the 2000 harvest. Based in Taranto, in the town of Castellaneta which is famous in Italy as the birthplace of silent movie star Rodolfo Valentino, they are the first in Puglia to produce a single varietal oil from the Coratina variety. Giuseppe Esposito is one of the youngest 'mastro oleario' or master oil makers, in Italy. The brothers have their own olive groves and buy in olives from other high quality growers, most of whom use their agronomist father as a consultant.The family owns 50 hectares of olive groves at 230-290m above sea level. The land is well-ventilated with a cool breeze moderating the long, hot, Mediterranean summers, enabling the olives to reach optimum ripeness. They have a few hectares of 'alberi secolari' (centuries-old trees) in Le Ferre, a district so named because of the high levels of iron (ferro) in the soil.


My inspirational wine

Primitivo and Negroamaro from A Mano and Aglianico del Vulture. Luca Esposito