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Herencia Altés

Terra Alta, Cataluña


This family estate is now run by Nuria Altés. Their 30 hectares of vineyard, which have been in the family for over 100 years, previously supplied fruit to the co-operative in Batea, where Nuria was the commercial manager.  Nuria decided to make her own wines as from 2010. “I wanted to give the grapes their own personality,” she explains. The village of Batea is situated in Terra Alta in the southeastern corner of Catalonia, where it abuts Aragon and Valencia. 

The major grape varieties are Garnacha (or Garnatxa, as it is known locally) Blanca and Negra. The vineyards are situated on chalky soils at an altitude of about 450 metres above sea level, so benefit from cool nights. The climate is warm, but is moderated by martime influences due to the proximity of the sea.

As well as the single varietal wines, a Garnatxa Blanca and Garnatxa Negra, there are two superb single vineyard wines, Benufet, a vineyard planted in 1915 and believed to be one of the oldest plantings of Garnatxa Blanca in the world, and L‘Estel, a blend of 80% Garnatxa Negra and 20% Syrah, from old, low-yielding bush vines. Nuria’s aim with these wines is “to put Terra Alta on the map and show the true quality of these wonderful old vines.”  She has done this with great success!