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Tinpot Hut

Hawkes Bay


Now an established favourite, Fiona Turner's Tinpot Hut began in 2003 when Fiona and husband Hamish established their own 50 acre vineyard in the emerging sub-region of Blind River, just south of Marlborough's Awatere Valley - one of the founding properties in the area. The original Tinpot Hut is an historic mustering hut nestled high in the hills of Marlborough.

These huts were used as a base for the musterers responsible for moving the sheep from their summer grazing high ground to the low paddocks for the winter. This hut symbolises the history of agriculture in the region and has stood the test of time while the sheep farming heartland has transformed into one of the world's most dynamic wine regions. Naming her range of wines 'Tinpot Hut' links Marlborough's agricultural past with its current state as a vibrant viticultural centre. Fiona is a master in her field with over 15 years of experience in New Zealand and overseas in viticulture, wine-making and wine marketing which allows her elegant and contemporary wines to evolve. Fiona is supported by Matt Thomson, a friend and colleague with whom she has worked with for many years.Click here to visit the Tinpot Hut website.