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Cantina Mesa `Buio` Carignano del Sulcis

Sulcis, Sardegna

Cantina Mesa

This is one of the most exciting new wineries to come out of Sardinia in two decades...

It is the brainchild of Gavino Sanna, a Sardinian who has lived in Milan for the past 50 years, where he built up one of Italy’s most successful advertising agencies. On a whim, he decided to sell the agency and seek new challenges. One of these challenges was the creation of a winery in Sulcis in southwestern Sardinia. As might be expected from someone with Sanna’s background, the labels are striking. He has also ensured that the contents are equally striking. Stefano Cova, a young winemaker from Trentino, took over with the 2008 vintage, improving on an already high level of quality.

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The estate comprises 70 hectares in the heart of the Sulcis Iglesiente area on the south-western tip of Sardinia. The climate here is Mediterranean with low rainfall distributed sporadically throughout the year, but usually falling almost entirely in autumn and winter. The region typically experiences frequent north-westerly winds, high temperatures in spring and summer, a mild autumn and winters which vary from dry and cold through to relatively mild. Most of the vineyards are located in the Sant’Anna Arresi area, in a valley sheltered from the maestrale winds and surrounded by the sea. The vines are vertically trained, mostly spur cordoned with some alberello depending on local conditions and exposure.

Vintage information

The 2013 winter experienced above-average rains, lasting well into the spring and building up valuable groundwater reserves in the Sulcis area, which commonly sees very long periods of drought. The summer, in contrast to the two preceding seasons, was hot and dry, so the vines were able grow in a slow, consistent manner, in particular during the cluster ripening phase, with significant accumulation of polyphenols and aromatic compounds. October concluded with warm, sunny days and cool night-time temperatures, ideal for aromatic development in the berries. The red grapes, harvested some 10 days later than normal, displayed well-calibrated polyphenols, promising great ageing potential.


The grapes were hand-picked into shallow boxes, and vinified with maceration on the skins and periodical pumpovers for at least eight days. After malolactic fermentation a three month maturation followed in stainless steel and lined concrete vats until bottling where the wine remained for a further two months before release.

Tasting Notes

A round wine with good intensity, a harmonic structure and juicy red fruit, with hints of spice and Mediterranean undergrowth. Herbal aromas and black pepper linger on the finish. The winemaking process enhances its pleasant smoothness. The alcohol complements the fruity notes and freshness of the wine, making for a very easy drinking style.

Vintage information

Vintage 2013
Grape varieties 100% Carignano/Carignan
Region Sulcis, Sardegna
Winemaker Stefano Cova
Alcohol (ABV) 13%
Acidity 4.97g/l
Residual Sugar 1.2g/l
Wine pH 3.64