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Alpha Zeta `C` Corvina

Valpolicella, Veneto

Alpha Zeta

Alpha Zeta was started in 1999 when Liberty Wines set out to produce a range of modern, fruit driven wines from the hills outside Verona...

Working with leading New Zealand winemaker, Matt Thomson, our aim was to work with growers (rather than buy bulk wine, which is standard among most wines from Verona at this price) to obtain ripe grapes (by reducing yields and picking later) and then, using Matt's expertise, preserve these flavours in the finished wines. The result is a realisation of the potential inherent in Veronese viniculture.

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The vineyards are situated in the hills outside Verona in the Valpantena Valley. Cool currents blow down the valley from the foothills of the Dolomites, which helps to moderate the climate, enabling the grapes to ripen slowly. This helps the grapes to retain their aromatic compounds and acidity. The poor, chalky soil puts the vines under stress helping to produce superior quality fruit.

Vintage information

2014 was one of the trickiest vintages seen since 1984. It was a mild and wet winter, so pests and pathogens flourished. This led to lots of disease pressure in the vineyards, especially as it was a wet summer. Nevertheless, wines from around Verona look good and are more aromatic than last year and lighter in body than previous vintages. Red varieties like Corvina suffered more than whites. There was a lot of peronospora, especially in lower lying and higher cropping vineyards, resulting in lower yields than 2013.


The grapes were hand harvested, de-stemmed and crushed and pumped to stainless steel tanks purpose built for fermenting red wine. 25% of the juice was drained from the tank in order to increase the ratio of skins to juice, which in turn resulted in a wine with greater colour and flavour. The wine was pumped over automatically every hour in the early stages to increase extraction further. The wine was then left in contact with the skins for seven days and fermentation took place at up to 30°C. Malolactic fermentation took place in oak, where the wine was aged for a further six months prior to bottling. As a great deal of effort went into growing and ripening the grapes used to make this wine, the wine was not subject to severe treatments or filtration that ensure stability but strip flavour, colour and character. As a result, it may throw a light but harmless natural deposit in bottle.

Tasting Notes

A youthful bright ruby wine with fresh, vibrant aromas of ripe cherries and red berries. The palate is balanced and juicy with a supple structure, bright plum and cinnamon flavours and a lively finish.

Vintage information

Vintage 2014
Grape varieties 100% Corvina/Corvinone
Region Valpolicella, Veneto
Alcohol (ABV) 12.5%
Acidity 5.36g/l
Residual Sugar 5.88g/l
Wine pH 3.47