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Hiver The Honey Ale

West Sussex, Southern England


Hiver was born out of admiration for London’s urban beekeepers and a passion for craft beer...

Behind the brand is Hannah Rhodes, a former sales and marketing manager for Meantime Brewery, who developed a keen interest in bees while attending a workshop and was inspired to showcase the story of local beekeepers through craft beer. Brewed with both rural and urban British honey, the hops are toned down and an organic speciality malt is used to support the natural honey flavours.

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Hops & Ingredients

Hiver is a proudly all natural and all-British speciality beer produced using only 100% British ingredients and suppliers. The honeys added to the brew during fermentation are raw honeys too, ensuring the quality of the honey matches the organic and speciality malts which make up the back bone of the beer. For the Warwickshire blossom honey, which is dark in colour with a light bitterness, the bees have foraged on late season flora including bramble, clover, rosebay willowherb and ivy.


The honey Ale derives its colour from more heavily roasted malts and a late season blossom honey. The two raw honeys are added at fermentation and the honey sugar is converted to alcohol during the brewing process, which is natural and unrushed. Hiver use an aromatic and a bittering hop for this beer, ensuring the malt sweetness and honey aroma are well balanced with earthy hops and a textured mouthfeel.

Tasting Notes

Darker roasted malts are the key feature in this honey brown ale with Kentish Admiral hops on the nose and a delicate berry aroma and subtle bitterness from Bramling cross variety. The Beekeeper describes the Warwickshire blossom honey as the Worcester sauce of honeys and blended with a small amount of Yorkshire heather honey, the ale has the perfect balance of malt, hop and honey.

Vintage information

Vintage NV
Region West Sussex, Southern England
Producer Hannah Rhodes
Alcohol (ABV) 4.5%
Wine pH 6.5
Bottle Size 33cl