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Hawkes Urban Orchard Cider

Southern England


Hawkes Urban Orchard apple cider was conceived in Simon Wright’s east London kitchen...

Named after Victorian street ‘hawkers’, specifically the costermonger (apple seller), the idea was to bring true apple selling back to London by way of craft cider making.

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Fruit Source

Hawkes sources its apples from urban orchards and gardens in London, while giving back 10% of their profits to support, maintain and create more urban orchards that will supply them with apples. Six trees are needed to establish an orchard.


Hawkes‘ first cider is made exclusively from culinary and dessert apples, collectively known as ‘cull’ apples. Cull apples are also what the costermongers sold, therefore Hawkes is a true London blend. Culinary apples give the cider a balanced sweetness, acidity and low tannins. Champagne yeasts are used for fermentation to give a fine mousse and delicate palate. On completion of fermentation, the cider is racked off the lees and allowed to settle in temperature-controlled storage conditions. The ‘cull’ ciders are blended together, apple juice is added and the blend adjusted for acidity levels and residual sugar.

Tasting Notes

Fresh, rounded aromas of fresh-pressed dessert apples with wine overtones and a dark, straw texture. Medium dry, medium to full in body with a rich middle palate. The cider has great balance, purity of fruit and a crisp, thirst-quenching finish.

Vintage information

Vintage NV
Grape varieties Jonagold
Region Southern England
Producer Simon Wright & Colin Hamilton
Alcohol (ABV) 4.5%
Residual Sugar 40g/l
Wine pH 3.4
Bottle Size 33cl