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Da Vinci Vin Santo

Chianti, Tuscany

Da Vinci

The Da Vinci label is the premium range of wines from Cantine Leonardo and Cantine di Montalcino...

The winemakers work with the viticulturists to ensure a style of wine that is fresh and vibrant yet rich and supple. The wines stand out against their peers.

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Cantine Leonardo has approximately 150 members, whose vineyards are located on the hilly areas around Vinci, Cerreto Guidi and the surrounding communes close to Empoli, half way between Florence and Pisa in the Arno valley. The low altitude of the vineyards and the Pliocenic origin of the soil that is rich in fossils enhance the robust character of the wine, while the proximity of the sea ensures good perfume and balance. 

Vintage information

2008 was a very good vintage. Although the season started off with too much rain, it was later regulated by abundant sunshine in July and August. Autumn saw cooler than average temperatures with a marked diurnal temperature range. The vines benefited from the change in temperature which had excellent effects on the wines produced.


Hand picked into small trays, the bunches of grapes were dried on straw mats in well-ventilated drying rooms, until the February following the vintage. Drying increases sugar levels in the grapes which, once dried, reach 16% alcohol with a residual sugar level of 80 to 90g/l. The dried grapes were pressed and vinified in the traditional manner. The resulting must was racked into small oak barrels, known as caratelli, where it remained for four years, fermenting slowly, because of the high sugar levels. The caratelli are kept in the ‘vinsantaia‘ (Vin Santo loft) which is subject to extremes of temperature during winter and summer.

Tasting Notes

Deep amber in colour, the 2008 Vin Santo has perfumes of dried fruit on the nose, together with figs, almonds and honey. Rich and velvety, it is sweet yet well balanced with good acidity.

Vintage information

Vintage 2008
Grape varieties 100% Trebbiano
Region Chianti, Tuscany
Winemaker Ricardo Pucci
Alcohol (ABV) 16.5%
Acidity 6.3g/l
Residual Sugar 83g/l
Wine pH 3.66
Bottle Size 50cl