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Blackdown Vodka

West Sussex, Southern England


Sarah Thompson, her husband Nathan and a partner purchased Lurgashall Winery in Sussex three years ago...

The winery is located at the foothills of Blackdown Hills and they soon realised the potential to use local ingredients like silver birch sap and wormwood to make small batch spirits. We first heard about Blackdown from one of our sales people and were immediately won over when we tasted the gin and vermouth. We were not the only ones that liked the gin, as Blackdown won gold in the ‘The Spirit Business Gin Masters’ this year, quite an impressive feat for the new kid on the block.      

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Base Ingredients

Home of the original Sussex producers of Vodka, Gin, Vermouth & spirits, Lurgashall Winery is nestled within the foothills of Blackdown Hills, surrounded by the beautiful South Downs National Park. Blackdown Artisan Spirits are produced by hand in small batches using only carefully selected ingredients sourced from local and English producers, combining age old traditions with a unique, modern taste of the English countryside. 

Blackdown Sussex Vodka, is the first Vodka to be produced in Sussex. 100% British wheat grain, it is copper pot distilled, then charcoal filtered seven times to remove all impurities and create a smooth and refined Vodka. Finished with a hint of Sussex Silver Birch sap to add a delicate sweetness. The Silver Birch sap is tapped once a year in early spring and is sourced within the 40 acres of woodland which surround Blackdown. This land is not only used to create wine, but also a selection of liqueurs, wines and spirits.

Tasting Notes

A clear, bright liquid, with a delicate nose and a hint of sweetness. Extra smooth, it is creamy and elegant to taste. Perfect served chilled over ice, as a cocktail, or mixed with English Sparkling wine, a squeeze of lemon and wedge to garnish.

Vintage information

Vintage NV
Region West Sussex, Southern England
Producer Sarah Thompson
Alcohol (ABV) 37.5%
Bottle Size 70cl