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Léopold Gourmel Bio Attitude Organic Cognac


Léopold Gourmel

Léopold Gourmel is an artisanal Cognac house, founded by Olivier Blanc in 1972...

Léopold Gourmel was Olivier‘s grand-father, a famous viticulteur and horse saddler (hence the horse‘s head, which features on all the Cognac bottles).  Olivier‘s aim was to make ‘intelligent‘ Cognacs that remained faithful to nature, by avoiding the usual standardization and blending of Cognacs (instead he makes his Cognacs from a single vintage), and rejecting the legal use of additives. His Cognacs are classed according to the length of time they age, with 10, 15 and 20 Carats reflecting the minimum of 10, 15 or 20 years that the Cognacs have aged. Uniquely, he also classes his Cognacs according to the dominant aromas they age: Fruit, Floral or Spice aromas.

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Léopold Gourmel cognacs originate in vineyards located in the Premier Cru, or First Growth, of Fins Bois, where the oldest subsoils of the region are found, and where the vine roots stretch down to 20 to 30 meters depth. The land is the hilliest of the region giving excellent exposure to the sun. For the BIO Attitude Olivier works with two growers who have been certified organic by Ecocert since 2000. This means that no chemicals, pesticides or fertilizers, other than ntural ones, are used on the vineyards. Olivier`s team prune the vines to give half the average cognac yield which increases complexity and concentration of the base wines. Planting density is high, almost three times the region`s average at 5,000 vines per hectare, which encourages the roots to grow even deeper, gaining precious minerals and nutrients which aid ripeness. All these factors combine to make the resulting wines stronger, richer, more aromatic, and have greater minerality.


Each vineyard is harvested and fermented separately to keep the characteristics from each intact. Atypically for the region, all Olivier`s cognacs are made from a single vintage. The wines age on their fine lees to develop optimum intensity and complexity. A "fat" distillation takes place to create a slightly less pure but more flavoursome spirit. This style of distillation ensures that the resulting spirit retains maximum aromas and a rich, deep base with greater ageing potential. The cognacs age in fine-grain Allier oak casks, of which 20% are new. The fine-grain prevents oxidation of the spirit and adds the tannins for structure, as well as encouraging delicate notes of vanilla and caramel to add complexity. There is a very light filtration to remove any residues left in the spirit without stripping the aromas and flavours. Reduction of the alcohol level from 70% to 40% takes place as slowly as possible, by adding the spirit to water (adding water to the spirit is the more common practice but this encourages the loss of aromas, and results in a cognac with a soapy, creamy flavour). Unlike cognacs on the mass-market, no additives are used.

Tasting Notes

A young cognac that is fresh and refreshing, with nuances of cherry flowers during the April blossom. The delicate notes and fresh character persist on the palate.

Vintage information

Vintage NV
Grape varieties 96% Ugni Blanc
2% Folle Blanche
2% Colombard
Region Cognac
Winemaker Olivier Blanc
Certification Organic 
Alcohol (ABV) 42%
Bottle Size 70cl