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Fattoria di Morello Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Fattoria di Morello

Fattoria di Morello has been in the Ricceri family since the early 20th century but extra-virgin olive oil has been made on the estate for over two hundred years...

The Ricceri family run a modern and well-equipped farm and have decided not to make oil for third parties so that they can concentrate on producing their own oil of the highest quality.

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Olive groves

The estate is situated just north of Florence and covers approximately 300 hectares. It lies between 300 and 450 metres above sea level and enjoys excellent south-west exposure. The olive groves are planted almost exclusively with the Moraiolo variety.

Harvest information

Whereas Fattoria di Morello did not escape the poor conditions suffered by other Tuscan oil producers in 2014 - their overall production was down by about 50% - they did manage to produce a small amount of very good oil, some of which we’ve been lucky enough to get our hands on.


Oil production was completed within 24 hours of picking. The leaves were stripped from the olives which were then washed and destemmed on arrival at the `frantoio`, or mill. The olives were crushed using a regulated, modern mechanical crusher.  The resulting paste was mixed for 45-60 minutes and then underwent a careful cold centrifuge process to separate the oil from the stones. Temperature controls ensured that the temperature during the milling process did not exceed 27°C, keeping the oil fresh.

Tasting Notes

A vivid green oil with delicately balanced components. Fine aromas of cut grass and an elegant peppery flavour come together in a fragrant, lingering finish.

Vintage information

Vintage 2014
Grape varieties 70% Moraiolo
10% Frantoio
10% Leccino
10% Pendolino
Region Tuscany
Winemaker Francesco Ricceri
Acidity 0.33g/l