Video: Alberto Antonini on Bodega Garzón

Consultant winemaker Alberto Antonini talks to us about what most impressed him when he first visited Garzón​ in 2007, as well as the story behind their premium wine 'Balasto'... 

"When I go to a new place, what is very important to me is to have a look at the environmental conditions, primarily the soil, which I was very impressed by...the mother rock is a granite, which is responsible for making a lot of great wines around the world. I was also impressed by the vicinity to the Atlantic Ocean...the breeze coming every day through the property is very refreshing for the grapes themselves. And I was very impressed by the level of biodiversity, which is the same that you find in every premium region around the world, where you never see only vineyards...which I believe is very important to then have complexity and elegance in the wine.

"Balasto is named after the granite soils that we find in Garzón, which is locally called 'Balasto', as the soil probably represents I would say 70% of the quality in a wine. It is the result of our first years of making wine there...every year you learn something more and we realised that there are some small parcels of different grape varieties that are giving us the very best quality and that's how we came up with this wine. It is a blend of the very best parcels of Tannat, Cabernet Franc, Marselan and Petit Verdot, which are the four red grapes that are so far performing the best. The concept is to deliver the essence of this show the characteristics of this soil and microclimate and grape varieties. Despite being a young project, it is already showing very well what we can do and what kind of excellence we can achieve in that environment."