Fancy a Portonic?

The House of Sandeman was founded in 1790 when the young George Sandeman left Scotland, destined for Oporto, Portugal, to make his fortune in the Port trade. With a pioneering outlook and a determined spirit, he found the highest quality wine and forged an unquestionable reputation.

The house became something of an innovator at an early stage; they became the first house to firebrand casks, to become a registered trademark and to ship labelled bottles of Port.

Sandeman White Port was launched in 1964. It was a Reserve White Port sold in a beautiful design-awarded clear glass bottle. Sandeman challenged the perception of Port as a wine to be drunk at the end of the meal by suggesting their White Port was to be served as an aperitive, either on the rocks, with soda or tonic, or as a cocktail with gin and a twist of lemon. 

This campaign came from the producer’s belief that Port is a wine for all occasions. It took decades before White Port + tonic (‘Portonic’) was appreciated as a refreshing, flavoursome and easy to make low alcohol drink.

How to serve a Portonic

50 ml of Sandeman White Port
50 ml Tonic Water
Orange Slices

Put ice in a highball glass and add the Sandeman White Port. Top up with tonic water, rim the glass with an orange slice, discard and then garnish with a fresh orange slice. For a sense of theatre, burn some dried thyme and waft over the glass.

Food Pairing
This is an excellent aperitive, perfect for the summer and a great low alcohol substitute for a gin and tonic. Thanks to its character and balance, it goes well with fish, seafood, salty snacks and other light foods.