In memory of Gaetano Tobin

Gaetano Tobin, the director of Cantina di Monteforte, died this morning following an illness.

We have been working with Tano, as he was known to everyone, and the Cantina di Monteforte since 2002, soon after he took over as the director. His predecessor only wanted to sell in bulk, but Tano was determined to sell his wines in bottle. While other co-ops in the eastern part of the Veneto focused on quantity, Tano focused on quality. Today, the Cantina di Monteforte sells over four million bottles of wine a year.

Born and bred in Monteforte, east of Verona, Tano was one of the first people to produce a map of the single vineyards in Soave Classico, as he knew the area intimately, and believed in its potential. For this reason, he was keen to develop the Soave Classico Superiore denomination, and the resulting Cantina di Monteforte `Vigneto Montegrande` Soave Classico Superiore - the first wine from a co-op in Verona to be awarded Tre Bicchieri - is always one of the best value wines on our list. Tano was flexible and unfailingly polite, with a patient approach towards his growers and an unwavering support for any improvement in quality suggested by Matt Thomson.

A big man in all senses, lunch with Tano was always an important part of the day and we shared a love of a good risotto. He will be missed.

David Gleave

Tano and David at Cantina di Monteforte in 2008 (photo: Gerry Gunnigan)

Top Photo: Giornale L'Arena/BATCH