Michel Parisot of Champagne Devaux named IWC Sparkling Winemaker of the Year

Huge congratulations to Michel Parisot of Champagne Devaux, who has been named ‘Sparkling Winemaker of the Year 2020’ by the International Wine Challenge. The IWC said “this was a great year for Champagne Devaux” as they collected a Gold medal, nine Silvers and three Bronzes for their wines.

This award recognises the outstanding contribution that Michel has made to Champagne Devaux over the past three decades. Michel joined Champagne Devaux in 1991 and became Chef de Cave in 1999. Since then, his pioneering approach to winemaking has really put Champagne Devaux on the map as one of the top producers in the Côte des Bars.

Only the initial, lightly-pressed juice (the ‘cuvée’) is used for the ‘Classics Collection’, which are aged on their lees for at least three years (twice the minimum dictated by Champagne law). The flagship ‘Collection D’ range uses only the first quarter of the press (the ‘coeur de cuvée’) and is aged for at least five years, which contributes to the complexity of flavour and integrated, fine mousse. The Devaux Champagnes are full and expressive yet elegant and refreshing.

As dedicated in the vineyards as he is in the cellar, Michel works closely with Devaux’s 80 partner growers, who collectively supply all the fruit for Champagne Devaux. A talented church organist, pianist and a lover of classical music, Michel Parisot is a man of contrasting passions. He has brought his musical appreciation for form, grace and style to Devaux - a passion that perfectly resonates with the art of ‘composing’ the perfect Champagne.

For full details of the IWC 2020 award winners, please visit the International Wine Challenge website