Environment and Sustainability

We have seen first-hand the pressures of climate  change in vineyards and olive groves. As a business, we are committed to curbing the effects of climate change to help ensure the sustainability of the global wine industry.

Carbon Neutral

Since moving to our new office and warehouse facility in January 2013, we have worked hard to reduce our carbon footprint. We are delighted to be the only leading UK wine importer to be certified as carbon neutral. This means that following independent assessment of our carbon footprint each year, we off-set any carbon emissions that we were unable to avoid, despite the significant environmental achievements we have made. These include moving 75% of our Italian shipments from road to rail, therefore reducing the carbon emissions of those shipments by 50% and recycling 100% of our office waste, with nothing going to landfill.

We are committed to continuing with this programme and our carbon emissions will continue to be evaluated by an external organisation on an annual basis. We have also set a target of maintaining our per case carbon footprint, even as the company continues to grow. We aim to achieve this by increasing imports by rail from Europe wherever possible, as well as introducing water saving technologies and reducing paper consumption. More details on this can be found in our Environmental Policy, which is updated annually.

The quality of our products and the service we offer remains paramount, but working with an agricultural product we see a strong business need to address our environmental impact.

Our Suppliers

For over 30 years, our managing director David Gleave MW has spent at least three months of each year visiting wine producers. The move to less intervention in the vineyard by producers like Isole e Olena and Fontodi, which was already taking place in the mid-1980s, showed David how better grapes could be produced in a ‘greener’ way. He has since seen this move take place with a number of our producers, sometimes following discussions with Liberty Wines. Our main aim is that our producers make the best wine possible; if this can be done, as at Cullen, by adopting sustainable, organic and biodynamic practices, then we will use this to illustrate to other producers the positive advantages of working in such a way.

Where we source other goods, such as office supplies, we look to purchase items that are recycled, ethical and sustainable and purchase only when necessary. For example, we have a filtered water cooler and a milk dispenser to reduce plastic bottle use.

Off-Setting Our Emissions

We support a mixture of Verified Carbon Standard certified clean energy projects each year, which reduce carbon emissions via the displacement of fossil fuels. In the past, we have planted trees in Kenya to help offset our carbon footprint, provide work for orphans and aids sufferers, and improve biodiversity. We have also invested in wind and hydro power projects, to balance out our footprint on the global environment.

The transportation of every bottle we deliver is carbon neutral, as we off-set all emissions from the cellar door to our customers’ door.

A Sustainable Restaurant Association Member

Since 2015, we have been affiliated with the Sustainable Restaurant Association. They look to promote best practice in three main categories – sourcing more sustainably, managing resources more efficiently and working more closely with our community.


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