Anoushica Matthews

Liberty Wines Apprentice 2014

"Every day is always different to the last which keeps it exciting!"

My first day as an apprentice took place at the Oval, where I helped set-up the autumn portfolio tasting. Seeing the huge range of wines was spectacular and gave me good insight into how much there is to learn on just the portfolio alone. After my first month in marketing I spent the Christmas period in customer services where I gained a true understanding of all the logistics involved to get the wine to our customers and seeing how to deal with challenging situations as a team.

After Christmas, I was put to work with the events co-ordinator to plan the annual portfolio tasting. Every aspect of the event was covered and I learnt all the intricate details that contribute to a successful tasting.

Since then I have been working in all across the sales spectrum, from national accounts to regional sales all over the country which has shown me how varied the U.K wine market can be. At only eight months into my apprenticeship, I cannot believe how much my knowledge has progressed due to the fast-paced nature of the role. Once you have got to grips with one department you are then moved on to the next to discover a whole new set of skills.

Every day is always different to the last which keeps it exciting!

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Martín Códax, Galicia, Spain - 2015 vintage

"I’m able to see many of the processes in practice that we’ve studied at the WSET."

It’s incredible seeing the pages of the WSET Diploma come to life and make so much more sense!

To check when the grapes would be ready to be harvested, I had to visit 70 vineyards in one day and to collect samples from each one. The vineyard area here is very fragmented as each member of the co-op owns tiny plots of land dotted all over Rias Baixas. I visited Bierzo where the Mencia is made and Monterrei to see the Godello. It was great to see different training systems, soils and climate types all within Northern Spain.

I then spent some time in the laboratory carrying out tests on the grapes., then in the winery doing a bit of everything from cleaning tanks to racking to filling filters and checking fermentation. Martin Codax is such a large winery and they are doing so many different things to Albarino that I’m able to see many of the processes in practice that we’ve studied at the WSET.

The harvest is going well and is back in full swing, after the famous Galician rain brought it to a stop for a few days. The atmosphere here is incredible and it is lovely see all the vineyard owners queuing in their tractors waiting to present their grapes to the winery – one morning the huge queue went for miles all the way around the back of the winery!


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