Bodegas Gallegas

Galicia, galicia Spain

Bodegas Gallegas, situated in the Salnés Valley, is owned and run by brother and sister Manuel and Myriam Vazquez. The Galician winemaker, Carlos Blanco, has worked in the area for twenty-five years and understands the idiosyncratic and patchwork nature of the region’s vineyards. He works closely with 250 growers who farm 120 hectares, supplementing Gallegas’ own 140 hectares in the Condado do Tea, Val do Salnés and Ribeira do Ulla subzones.

Each plot of Albariño is vinified separately in stainless steel tanks. This allows Carlos to choose from myriad different micro-climates that he then blends to produce a stylistically consistent wine.

The coastal Rías Baixas region has the highest levels of rainfall in Spain, but the thick skins, and late ripening, of the Albariño grape are ideally suited to the climate. The wines display an Atlantic freshness. Bodegas Gallegas is just five kilometres from the ocean, and this is reflected in the wines’ striking maritime-themed packaging.

The different subzones, at a variety of altitudes between 20-200 metres above sea level, produce wines of subtle diversity. The Salnés Valley, which hugs the coastline, has average temperatures of 26-28°C, and produces the most aromatic Albariños. In Condado do Tea, which borders Portugal, the higher ripening temperatures, around 30-34°C, result in lower aromatic profiles but fuller-bodied wines. In Ribeira do Ulla, the coolest and driest subzone further inland to the north, the wines display greater structure and acidity. Bodegas Gallegas’ vineyards are all farmed sustainably. They are guyot trained with a vine density of 1,000-1,500 plants per hectare to ensure even, healthy ripening. The soils are free-draining sandy loams.

The two 100% Albariño wines are ‘Sentidiño’ and ‘Silandeiro’. ‘Sentidiño’ is a Galician word meaning common sense. It is used by local fisherman who have the common sense not to take the wild Atlantic waters for granted. This wine is from young vines grown in the three subzones. It is youthful and vibrantly aromatic, combining tangerine, jasmine and grassy notes. ‘Silandeiro’, which means ‘silence’ in Galician dialect, is from 30-year-old vines, exclusively from the Salnés Valley, and is aged on lees in stainless steel for 2-3 months. It displays a ripe, punchy lemon and peach character alongside an appetising depth and saline finish.


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