Brolo Dei Giusti

Veneto, veneto Italy

In northern Italy a ‘Brolo’ is a walled vineyard, similar to a French ‘Clos’. Cantina Valpantena directly farms three Broli, which make up a total of 13 hectares. One of them lies in the heart of the Valpantena valley while the other two are in Montorio, on the Val Squaranto side. Stefano Casali, Valpantena’s head agronomist, manages these vineyards. He has been able to reduce the use of spraying, carefully control water consumption and eliminate the use of weed killers. The knowledge and results that Stefano gains from these vineyards are then used to advise other Valpantena growers on their viticulture. These efforts have been formally recognised, as reflected in accreditation for all the Broli vineyards with VIVA Sustainable Viticulture certification.

The varieties grown in the Broli are Corvina, Corvinone and Rondinella, all trained in the traditional ‘Pergola Veronese’. The grapes are hand-picked, and a very strict selection ensures that only the best are used for the Brolo dei Giusti wines. The Valpantena winemaking team, led by Luca Degani, is involved in all stages of vinification. The Valpolicella Superiore is made partly from dried grapes and spends 12 months in large Slavonian oak followed by another two years in cement tanks. It has a beautiful brightness of fruit with great acidity and structure. After drying for 12 weeks, the Amarone grapes were pressed in late December. Following fermentation, the wine was aged for 36 months in a combination of French and Slavonian oak of different sizes. It has serious depth, concentration and complexity and is, deservedly, the flagship wine of this successful and quality-oriented co-operative.


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