Casa Noble

Tequila, tequila Mexico

Established in 1776 in the city of Tequila, Casa Noble was acquired in 1990 by José 'Pepe' Hermosillo, the seventh generation of his family to run a tequila distillery.

The boutique distillery makes their tequila solely from blue agave grown organically (certified USDA) on 650 hectares of their own land in the hills of Jalisco. Mature agave plants (over 10 years old) are hand-picked and their hard cores (piñas) are slowly steamed in a stone oven for 38 hours to convert the carbohydrate (inulin) into fermentable sugars. The soft piñas are then placed in a press to extract the sweet juices. To ensure quality, Casa Noble uses a gentle screw mill instead of a roller mill for this process. The latter, while resulting in less wastage, extracts more astringent flavours. The juice is then put into stainless steel fermentation vats where ambient yeasts carry out the fermentation. After fermentation, Casa Noble distils their tequila three times, a process that ensures an extra smooth drink.

Casa Noble tequilas are presented in hand blown glass bottles with characterful imperfections. They have named their blanco tequila 'Crystal' because it is in a class of its own. Unlike the Añejo, the Crystal is released without any additional ageing. The Añejo, on the other hand, is pale gold in colour and aged in French oak for two years, a year more than required. This allows it to develop layers of complexity, with rich aromas of dried fruit and vanilla. The Casa Noble tequilas are a true reflection of their origins and the degree of craftsmanship that can be achieved in the distilling process.


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