Causse du Théron

South West France, south west france France

Antonio Morescalchi of Altos Las Hormigas visited Cahors in 2013 with Pedro Parra, the renowned expert on vineyard mapping in South America, to learn about the origins of Malbec. Digging deeper, they became fascinated by the diversity of the soils, especially the vines planted on Kimmeridgian limestone terraces known as ‘causses‘. With the help of friends Leo Erazo and Attilio Pagli, they selected two vineyards owned by a local family as the wellspring of their Cahors Malbec project.

The wines are named after two vineyards: ‘Terrasse’, located in a valley on alluvial soil, and ‘En Pente’, on terraces of Kimmeridgian limestone. Grapes from the Terrasse vineyard are harvested by machine, whereas En Pente grapes are harvested by hand. Both wines are fermented with ambient yeasts in cement tanks and kept for one (Terrasse) and two years (En Pente) to mellow.

The finished wines are pure with vibrant fruit. The ‘Terrasse’ has ripe mulberry, blackberry and spice on the nose with fresh acidity and velvety tannins on the palate. The ‘En Pente’ shows blueberry and raspberry fruit with mouth-watering acidity and round tannins. Both wines have long, scented finishes and the unique ability to display alluring, bright Malbec fruit with a finesse that is unmarred by oak.


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