Château de Pierreux

Beaujolais, beaujolais France

Situated in the heart of Brouilly, this 100 hectare estate is one of the finest domaines in the Beaujolais region, with a magnificent 13th century château and winery that were built during the Renaissance. Château de Pierreux has been managed by Jean-Claude Boisset since the 2002 vintage. Brouilly is the largest of the Beaujolais crus and produces some of the most robust and concentrated wines.

The 77 hectares of 40 to 45-year-old bush vines are densely planted and farmed according to organic and biodynamic principles. The château uses natural fertilisers and herbicides and ploughs the land with horses to prevent soil compaction around the vines’ roots. The distinctive pink granite soils are said to impart the extra colour, fruit intensity and depth for which the top wines from this cru are known.

The the grapes are crushed gently by foot in order to extract tannin and flavour and fermentation takes place using only indigenous yeast. The Brouilly undergoes classic Burgundian fermentation rather than carbonic maceration. It spends around six months in large wooden vats prior to bottling, adding texture and roundness to the finished wine.


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