Cien Y Pico

Castilla-La Mancha, castilla mancha Spain

Cien Y Pico was created by four winemakers (Australian Zar Brooks, his Bulgarian wife Elena Golakova Brooks, Spaniard Luis Jiménez García and Italian Nicola Tucci), when they came across, and were amazed that people were grubbing up, old Garnacha Tintorera vines in Manchuela in south-eastern Spain. The name means ‘hundred and something’ and refers to the age of the ancient vines from which the wines are made. The old, low-yielding, bush-trained vines give vibrant colour, fruit concentration and flavour to the wines, while the excellence of the winemaking ensures that the natural power of the vines, traditionally used to produce blending wines, is sculpted into something nicely rounded, balanced and ideal for drinking now.

Cien Y Pico’s four vineyards are all located on the Meseta (or ‘plateau’) of Castilla-La Mancha. With only 300 millimetres of rain per year, the plateau is extremely dry, though the deep-rooted old vines thrive in the low-vigour, limestone-rich soils. The mountains surrounding the Meseta offer protection from the icy winters while, in summer, the intense sun at this altitude of nearly 1,000 metres warms and ripens the grapes to perfection.

The ‘Doble Pasta’ Garnacha Tintorera (also known as Alicante Bouschet) is opaque purple in colour and full-bodied with a savoury meatiness, smooth tannins and a lovely natural acidity. The ‘En Vaso’ Bobal, spends 12 months in mainly used oak barriques. It is soft with juicy tannins and a lifted, fresh finish. The four winemakers modestly refer to the wines as being “fresh-picked fruit off the vine, with just a little winemaking”.


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