Corino Giovanni di Corino Giuliano

Piemonte, piemonte Italy

Like many producers in La Morra, the Corino family started off as mezzadri, or sharecroppers, when Celeste Corino moved to La Morra in the early 1950s. His son Giovanni continued in the same vein and focused on viticulture, acquiring most of the vineyards that comprise the present-day property. Grandson Giuliano, the present owner, started working on the family estate in the mid-1980s. Giovanni had primarily been selling grapes, but Giuliano was determined to start making and bottling his own wine.

It was a momentous time for winemaking in Barolo. With the advent of new thinking, based on foundations laid by Angelo Gaja, Giuliano decided to experiment with rotary fermenters, short macerations and small French oak barrels. As with all new ideas and techniques, it has taken him many vintages to adapt them to the peculiarities of Nebbiolo.

These days, he is helped both in the vineyard and in the cellar by his wife, Stefania, daughter, Veronica, and son, Andrea. The wines they make are wonderful expressions of the prime sites planted just below La Morra, where the estate’s nine hectares are cultivated. The two single vineyards, Giachini and Arborina, are on opposite sides of the small hamlet of Annunziata, where the winery is based. The soils are primarily calcareous marl clays. While Giachini is south facing, Arborina is oriented southeast and has a higher proportion of sand. The Bricco Manescotto vineyard sits on the border with Castiglione Falletto and enjoys a south-western exposure with soil characterised by equal proportions of clay, sand and marls. As with his other Barolos, after harvesting and crushing, Giuliano controls extraction during fermentation with rotary fermenters at 25 – 30°C. After malolactic fermentation in stainless steel, the majority of the wines are matured for up to 24 months in small French barrels, of which roughly a third are new. Once blended, the wines spend about six months in stainless steel prior to bottling. The Langhe Nebbiolo is unoaked and usually released after one year in stainless steel: it has a beautiful purity and fragrance with great balance. The Barolo comes from a number of sites around Annunziata, all within the commune of La Morra. It is powerful yet balanced with alluring notes of red berry fruit and spices.

Similar notes are found on the nose of the Barolo ‘Giachini’, but with an amplified complexity and density, while the superb Barolo ‘Arborina’ displays elegance and power, with its ripe fruit leavened by hints of spice and floral notes. The tannins are perfectly managed and the oak beautifully integrated in all the wines, which is the result of Giuliano’s interpretation of a style that sits comfortably between tradition and modernity.


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