Domaine Robert-Denogent

Burgundy, burgundy France

Claude Denogent inherited his father's vines in 1922. He and his wife later bought a property between the communes of Fuissé and Solutré-Pouilly, which is where the domaine is located today. In 1971, Claude's daughter Andrée and her husband Robert took over the property and today their son Jean-Jacques, and his sons Nicolas and Antoine, run the domaine.

The Denogents have five hectares across three appellations: Mâcon Villages, Saint-Véran and Pouilly-Fuissé. They practice sustainable viticulture and instead of using herbicides, they grow grass between the rows to prevent erosion and to retain moisture during hot vintages.

All of the wines are made in the same way, so the individuality of each wine is derived solely from the vineyard. The grapes are hand harvested and pressed directly into 228 litre French oak barrels for fermentation and malolactic fermentation. They spend around 18 to 30 months ageing in barrel (12 - 15% new), with the rest in one to two-year-old barrels without bâtonnage. The Mâcon-Villages 'Les Sardines' is concentrated and precise and offers an excellent introduction to Denogent's wines. The Saint-Véran 'Les Pommards' has aromas of freshly churned butter and spring blossoms, and a mouthwatering acidity on the palate. The Pouilly Fuissé ‘La Croix’ is sourced from vines which are over 50 years old, which results in naturally reduced yields and beautifully concentrated flavours on the palate.

These wines are in a class of their own in the Mâconnais. The concentration and intensity of each wine make them rival the finest whites from the Côte de Beaune.


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