El Circo

Aragon, aragon Spain

El Circo means ‘the circus’, and each of the varieties in this range is represented by a different circus performer. The wines are made by the co-operative located in the town of Cariñena, the same name as the grape variety, which is known as Carignan in France. Winemaker Marcelo Morales is Chilean, having previously worked for Carmen and Veramonte, among other wineries. After doing a vintage here in 2000, he was so excited by both the quality of fruit and modern facilities at his disposal that he ended up staying.

The co-operative has numerous vineyards with different microclimates and altitudes ranging from 320 to 850 metres above sea level. The continental climate, with cold winters and hot summers, is mitigated by a beneficial cool and dry wind, the Cierzo, which blows through the vineyards all year long and ensures the grapes are unaffected by mould or rot. The majority of the vines, Garnacha, Tempranillo, Cariñena, Macabeo and international red varieties such as Syrah, are dry farmed. Due to the altitude, age of vines and large diurnal variation, the wines have good intensity and achieve ripeness while retaining their acidity.

We are very impressed with the concentration and vibrancy of the El Circo wines. Not only are the reds beautifully coloured, they are also appealing on the nose and balanced on the palate. All the wines are unoaked, emphasising their primary fruit aromas, and are meant to be drunk young and fresh. The Macabeo is pale lemon in colour with hints of tropical fruit on the nose and citrus fruits on the palate lifted by fresh acidity. The Syrah is perfumed, with dense black fruits and mulberries. The Garnacha is fragrant with spice and black fruits, lovely firm tea tannins and racy acidity, while the Cariñena has wonderful blackberry fruit and is finely woven on the palate.


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