Famille Perrin ‘Les Sélections Parcellaires’

Southern Rhône, southern rhone France

Famille Perrin is one of the most recognisable names in the Southern Rhône. The fifth and sixth generations of the family now manage the extensive vineyard holdings and grower partnerships which stretch across the region, from Vinsobres to the Ventoux.

The family have long been pioneers in the Southern Rhône Valley for their approach to organic farming, which they first adopted back in 1950 and for their unwavering commitment to creating wines that express the essence of their origin at each quality level. Their intimate knowledge of the complexities of the region’s climates and soils has led to their belief that the wines are greater when made with a blend of Southern Rhône grape varieties rather than a single variety. This philosophy is put into practice at every level, from Famille Perrin Luberon Rosé to Château de Beaucastel, where all 13 permitted varieties are grown.

‘Les Sélections Parcellaires’

The Vinsobres ‘Les Hauts de Julien’ is a result of the Perrin family’s commitment to shining a light on the complexities of the best sites in the Southern Rhône Valley. Unusually, this single vineyard is co-planted with 90-year-old Grenache and Syrah vines which generally ripen together, permitting a single harvest. Organically farmed, the vineyard is positioned on hillside terraces made up of limestone rock, stony soils and varying amounts of clay, which lends the wine both concentration and a stunning purity of fruit. The location of Vinsobres, at the northernmost limit of the Southern Rhône, combined with an altitude of 300 metres, provides a cooler climate for Syrah. The grapes are co-fermented and then transferred to French oak barrels just before the end of fermentation, following which the wine ages for 18 months. The resulting wine is perfumed and elegant with notes of black olive, cocoa and sweet spice bound by tightly wound tannins and intensely concentrated fruit.


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