Giant Steps Single Vineyard

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Giant Steps was founded by Phil Sexton in 1997. It has since forged a reputation for making some of the Yarra Valley’s most consistently exciting wines from estate-owned vineyards. The Giant Steps Single Vineyard wines are produced from their best sites in great years. Head winemaker Steve Flamsteed and his team aim to express the character of the vineyard, grape and vintage in each wine, through meticulous work in the vineyard and minimum intervention in the winery. Giant Steps was acquired by Jackson Family Wine Estates in 2020. According to Phil Sexton, “this partnership brings us the relationships and careful resources of a great wine family who are committed to vineyards, sustainability and faithful expression of site.”

Single Vineyard

The ‘Sexton’ vineyard is run by the founder of Giant Steps, Phil Sexton. Situated next to Coldstream Hills and Yarra Yering, it lies in the heart of the Yarra Valley, where poor soils result in miniscule yields and intense, concentrated wines.

The ‘Applejack’ vineyard is in the Upper Yarra, where soils are generally deep and more volcanic in origin. However, the Applejack vineyard is atop grey/brown clay loam which reduces vigour and yields, perfectly suited to Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. The site elevation is just under 300 metres, but its proximity to dense, temperate forest makes the site significantly cooler than Sexton and Tarraford.

The ‘Wombat Creek’ vineyard is the highest altitude vineyard in the Yarra Valley at 420 metres above sea level. The underlying ferrous-based volcanic soil and rock produce a Pinot Noir with a distinctively soft yet long and firm palate that contrasts with the finer palates seen from the nearby Applejack vineyard. The ‘Wombat Creek’ Chardonnay is scented and elegant; in the words of James Suckling: “Wow!”

Soils in the ‘Tarraford’ vineyard are a clay-loam duplex with a fairly solid ironstone content. Root profiles are deep and vertical, where vines access material deep into the soil subsurface. The resulting Chardonnay is highly perfumed, with a characteristic citrus-peel element irrespective of vintage conditions.

Planted by Lou Primavera in 2001, the ‘Primavera’ vineyard is 12 hectares of red clay loam, facing north/north-east. Giant Steps has a long-standing relationship with the Primavera family, having sourced fruit for their vineyard for years. The red friable soil is critical in shaping the complex structure and pronounced perfume of the ‘Primavera’ vineyard Pinot Noir.


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