Greywacke Archive Release

Marlborough, marlborough New Zealand

Greywacke was created in 2009 by Kevin Judd, the person responsible for the ground-breaking early wines produced in Marlborough. The name ’Greywacke’ was adopted by Kevin for his first Marlborough vineyard, located in Rapaura, in recognition of the prevalence of rounded greywacke river stones in the vineyard’s soils. ’Greywacke’ is a sedimentary rock that is widely found in Marlborough, consisting of layers of hard grey sandstone and darker mudstone.

Greywacke’s signature Wild Sauvignon is arguably Kevin Judd’s flagship white wine. Fermented in old oak barrels using wild yeast, this is an alternative, intricate style – a textured wine with a lingering savoury finish of tarragon and lightly-smoked tea. A Sauvignon of considerable depth and opulence, created by fermenting Sauvignon Blanc entirely with naturally occurring yeast for an extended period, sometimes for almost a year after harvest.

The classic Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc shows vibrant, tropical fruit and lively acidity. Kevin’s opulent Pinot Gris displays wild ferment complexity and a subtle note of sweetness, while his Riesling has a ripe lime citrus and mineral character, beautifully balanced by its refreshingly vibrant acidity. The Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are both pinnacle examples of their styles. The Chardonnay is fermented with indigenous yeasts in French oak barriques (20% new), and goes through complete malolactic fermentation, producing a savoury, rich and powerful wine with great texture and concentration. The Pinot Noir is fermented with a portion of whole bunches included in the open-top fermenters, before being racked into French oak (40% new) for 16 months – the resulting wine is highly fragrant, with a rich but fresh structure and a generous palate. The Botrytis Pinot Gris is exotically scented, with a silky texture and elegant structure, with a long, lean finish.

Greywacke Archive Release

2021 sees the first of Greywacke’s Archive Release series. Each year Kevin held a limited quantity of wines back at the cellar for later release. He feels that now is the right time to share the exceptional 2013 vintage. 2013 in Marlborough saw a combination of conditions which produced top quality grapes across all the varieties. After a cool and dry spring, temperatures warmed up in December providing excellent conditions for flowering, with an average-sized crop set. Summer saw huge amounts of sunshine, and the warmest Christmas Day in 66 years. However, the mean daily temperatures were below average, providing an idyllic sunny and dry environment for ripening without excessive heat. Intermittent rain warded off severe drought conditions which were experienced elsewhere in New Zealand, and the grapes were harvested in perfect condition. Of the 2013s, Kevin held back small quantities of the Wild Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Seeing these wines with the increased bottle age shows their great potential for longevity. They have all evolved to develop into more complex and layered wines, with great concentration and length.


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