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Hawkes Urban Orchard apple cider was conceived in Simon Wright's East London kitchen. Named after Victorian street 'hawkers', specifically the costermonger (apple seller), the idea was to bring true apple selling back to London by way of craft cider making.

Hawkes sources its apples from urban orchards and gardens in London, while giving back a percentage of their profits to support, maintain and create more urban orchards that will supply them with apples. Six trees are needed to establish an orchard.

Made exclusively from culinary and dessert apples, collectively known as ‘cull’ apples, the blend of Bramley, Braeburn, Cox, Jonagold, Ida Red, Gala and Golden Delicious apples provides balanced sweetness, acidity and low tannins. Champagne yeasts are used for fermentation to give a fine mousse and delicate palate. The balance, purity of fruit and crisp thirst-quenching finish of this medium-dry cider are impressive.


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