Justino's Madeira

Madeira, madeira Portugal

Justino's is one of the oldest producers of Madeira, having been in existence since 1870, and is also one of the most dynamic producers in Madeira today. They source fruit from all around the island, selecting the best sites and vineyards for the different grape varieties. Traditionally, varieties like Sercial were grown in the cooler north while Malvasia and Boal were planted in the warmer south. Today site selection allows for Sercial to be grown in the south and Malvasia in the north. Justino’s new winery, located in Cancela, Santa Cruz, was built in 1995.

All the Madeiras are fermented in temperature-controlled, stainless-steel tanks to ensure pristine base wines. Fermentation is arrested by the addition of 96% ABV neutral grape spirit at a specific point in time, depending on the level of sweetness desired for each Madeira.

Justino’s range shows the quality and diversity that Madeira can offer. Of the wines using Tinta Negra, their 5-Year-Old Fine Rich is fantastic value with the level of quality far surpassing its price. Also, their 1999 Colheita (single vintage) demonstrates the age worthiness, complexity and balance this variety can achieve. Their single-varietal wines made from noble grapes – Sercial, Boal, Malvasia and Terrantez – are a study in the diversity of Madeira, from the relatively drier, crisper styles to those which are more nutty, rich and full.

We are privileged to have a small amount of the 1978 Terrantez and 50-Year-Old Terrantez, perhaps the finest noble Madeira grape of them all, which is nearly extinct on the island (only around two hectares exist today). They are both rich but refreshing, and powerful yet elegant.

As testament to their commitment to quality and their high number of medal-winning wines, the Sommelier Wine Awards named Justino's their Fortified Producer of the Year in 2015. We can't agree more with what they had to say: "It's hard to remember the last time one producer so dominated a single category as Justino's did with Madeira. Whatever the grape, and whatever the style, it was imperious. And the Critics' Choice-winning Terrantez 1978 was jaw dropping".


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