Maison Les Alexandrins

Northern Rhône, northern rhone France

Maison Les Alexandrins is the renamed collaboration between Nicolas Jaboulet, formerly of the eponymous winery in Tain, the Perrin family from Château de Beaucastel, winemaker Guillaume Sorrel and viticulturalist Alexandre Caso. Each person brings their expertise to this micro-négociant, an extension of Domaine Les Alexandrins, established in 2015. The aim of Maison Les Alexandrins remains the same: to buy parcels of fruit from some of the top growers in each appellation in the Northern Rhône. With the construction of a new winery completed at the end of 2018, Maison and Domaine Les Alexandrins is now a permanent fixture in the Northern Rhône.

The partnership stems from a long-standing friendship, a shared love of gastronomy and a philosophy to create wines that represent the best of their appellations.

The Crozes-Hermitage Blanc is a blend of Marsanne and Roussanne, fermented separately then aged in new French oak for 10 months. This adds complexity and richness to the honeyed and ripe stone fruit aromas, while the quality of the fruit ensures an incredibly long finish. The Condrieu is made from Viognier sourced from the Côteau de Cherry and the Côteau de Rozay, both situated at altitude which gives the resulting wine great freshness. The Crozes-Hermitage Rouge is aged in large, 55-80 hectolitre wooden vats for 10 months, softening the tannins and maintaining freshness. It is fragrant and juicy with hints of black pepper, fine tannins and balanced acidity. Grapes for the Saint-Joseph are from the north of the appellation and also from the historical centre. The former give minerality and fruitiness, while the latter provide more flesh and body. The Côte-Rôtie is round and velvety while still possessing the heady perfume of violets.


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