Martín Códax

Galicia, galicia Spain

Martín Códax is a modern and dynamic co-operative, situated in the Salnés Valley, to the north of Rías Baixas, in the north-western region of Galicia. It is the largest producer in Galicia and an estate-grown Albariño specialist, conducting ongoing research into the variety. It was founded in 1986 by 50 families and has since grown to over 550 members. The co-operative was named Martín Códax after the medieval poet and minstrel who lived in Galicia. The co-operative was instrumental in the creation of the Rías Baixas DO in 1988 (the statutes were signed at the winery) and has championed the Albariño variety, now the most widely planted in the region. Ninth generation winemaker Luciano Amoedo still heads the winemaking team, alongside Katia Álvarez.

In total, the estate has 420 hectares of vineyard planted with Albariño (13% of the total Rías Baixas DO), with each average family holding less than one hectare in size. The Salnés Valley is particularly suited to the Albariño variety, and now represents 70% of its total production. The region sits five kilometres from the sea and benefits from its cooling influence at night, which ensures the fresh, pure aromatics are retained to balance the ripeness and weight derived from the warm days. There is considerable diversity in the soil types and topography, resulting in 2,400 different parcels of grapes being harvested.

The Albariño is brilliantly fresh with plenty of ripe lemon, grapefruit and green apple character. Fruit for the Albariño ‘Organistrum’ (named after a medieval string instrument) is selected from a small, earlier ripening vineyard at 110 metres above sea level and benefits from a short period of ageing in French oak, which adds a scented, smoky note, extra complexity, body and texture to the wine. The 'Lías' is aged on its fine lees for 12 months which adds unique silkiness and mouthfeel to this Albariño.


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