Mas La Mola

Cataluña, cataluna Spain

The seven hectare Mas La Mola estate has been in the Ferrando family for 150 years. Today, the viticulture, winemaking and blending are carried out by Jordi Masdeu (a young Spaniard who spent time working in the wine trade in London) and Alessandro Marchesan. The duo’s approach to making wine is artisanal, with a diminutive winery tucked away in the streets of Poboleda, in the north of Priorat.

The vineyards are planted in two different areas in the Poboleda district. The 40-year-old Macabeo vines are planted on low-yielding gravel soils next to a river (which provides vital irrigation to the root system during the hot summers), while the parcels of old Garnatxa Blanca, Garnatxa and Pedro Ximénez vines are planted on the steep llicorella slate slopes between 300 and 800 metres above sea level. The unique llicorella slate is said to impart a pronounced mineral character to the wines.

The ‘Priorat Blanco’, a blend of 60% Garnatxa Blanca, 30% Macabeo and 10% Pedro Ximénez, has intense, pronounced aromas of peaches, apricots and touches of flinty minerality. It has a great depth of flavour and a creamy texture (the result of lees contact as well as the fermentation and ageing for a portion of the wine in new French oak barrels), supported by a crisp acidity.

The ‘Vi d’Altura’ Priorat has all the layered complexity that one would expect of a top-class wine from this area. A blend of 80% Garnatxa Negra and 20% Garnatxa Peluda, it has intense perfumes of black cherries and blueberries, with smoky minerality and a hint of spice from 12 months in old French oak barrels.


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