Piemonte, piemonte Italy

This 23 hectare estate has been in the Massolino family since 1896. In recent years, the style of the wines has undergone a subtle transformation. Winemaker Franco Massolino has done a wonderful job of marrying change with a respect for tradition, something that sets Massolino apart from many of the younger producers in Barolo today. The vineyards, with vines up to 60 years old, are in the commune of Serralunga d’Alba: the source of some of the greatest, most structured and longest-lived Barolos.

Their Barolo has an attractive aromatic dimension and is as good as Barolo gets at this price. The single vineyard ‘Parussi’, when tasted alongside the ‘Margheria’, is a study in the importance of site. The winemaking is the same, but the more restrained style of the ‘Parussi’ from Castiglione Falletto is contrasted against the aromatic, yet layered and tannic style of the ‘Margheria’. Drink the ‘Parussi’ now and put the ‘Margheria’ in the cellar. The ‘Parafada’, from the estate’s oldest vineyard, is a bit more open, though similarly ‘Serralunga’ in style with a unique depth and complexity. Massolino’s Langhe Nebbiolo is more declassified Barolo than the youthful version from Vajra and is, as a result, a bit more expensive. The fruit comes only from vineyards within the Barolo zone.

New to the list this year is the Dolcetto d’Alba: a homage to a grape variety that has been so important for the Langhe region. Franco’s Dolcetto, fermented in stainless steel, is a perfect expression of this bright, fresh and fruity varietal.


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