Molinico Loco

Murcia, murcia Spain

Based in Yecla, Familia Castaño is known for its huge efforts to promote one of Spain's native varieties, Monastrell. Castaño symbolises the best of what southern Spain has to offer: rich, warm climate wines, with almost Syrah-like complexity, which over deliver in terms of value year after year. Monastrell was once used exclusively for bulk wines and blending, but Castaño began bottling characterful, single varietal Monastrell in the 1980s. Today, in the expert hands of Daniel Castaño and his family, the variety maintains high quality even at moderate to generous yields. 80% of the family's 600 hectares of vineyards are dedicated to Monastrell, with smaller plantings of Cabernet Sauvignon, Macabeo and Chardonnay amongst others. The Monastrell is sourced from dry farmed, bush and trellis vines up to 70 years old in the 'Las Gruesas' and 'Pozuelo' vineyards respectively. Totalling 336 hectares, the two vineyards are located at an altitude of 750 metres, with a north-south aspect, on sandy limestone soils.

The 100% Monastrell 'Hécula' represents exceptional value for money. Displaying succulent ripe black fruit, notes of sweet spice and liquorice and supple ripe tannins, it will accompany any number of different foods. The 'Colección', which is made from 70% old vine Monastrell and 30% Cabernet Sauvignon, shows more red cherry and dried fruit character, with hints of smokiness and chocolate. The Organic Macabeo, which partners with Daniel's Organic Monastrell, grows on 15-year-old, organically farmed vines, situated at 500 metres altitude on north-facing slopes, giving the resulting wine a signature freshness. Made for early drinking, the Macabeo is bright and fragrant with notes of white peach, apple and zesty lemon. The Monastrell Rosado is a delicate pale pink, the result of direct pressing and no maceration on the skins, and shows elegant red fruit and floral aromas. The 'Dulce' is delicious, full of dried fig, raisin and plum jam flavours, with a rounded mouthfeel and balancing acidity that keeps the finish perfectly fresh.

Molino Loco

The Molino Loco wines are made by Familia Castaño and display the exceptionally good value, modern packaging and whistle-clean, fruit-forward style that are hallmarks of the family's other wines.

Molino Loco is the affectionate name for the windmill ('molino') that sits on the edge of the Castaño vineyards. In contrast to other windmills, which turn in windy conditions, this particular windmill is 'loco' (the Spanish for crazy) as it turns only on calm, still days.

The vineyards are located at an altitude of 500 metres above sea level and have a north-south orientation. The soils are sandy with a lime content that gives the wines a hallmark freshness.  The average age of the vines is 17 years and they are planted at an average density of 2,700 vines per hectare, trellised and pruned short.

The Macabeo displays wonderful varietal fruit characteristics of fresh peach and white flower blossom. On the palate, it is lively, with juicy fruit and a zesty finish. The Monastrell has vibrant notes of ripe red cherry, blackberry and plum on the nose, it is very easy-drinking with soft tannins and a smooth finish. The Monastrell Rosado boasts inviting berry aromas and a refreshing acidity.


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