Santiago Ruiz

Galicia, galicia Spain

The Ruiz family have been making wines in Galicia since the 1860s. Ángel Ruiz, Santiago’s grandfather, was one of the first people to produce and bottle wines in the region. Santiago then picked up the baton and continued the pioneering spirit of his grandfather by installing the first ever stainless-steel tanks in Rías Baixas. Santiago’s daughter, Rosa, is now at the helm and treads the fine line between continuing the family traditions and embracing new advances in winemaking. The new winery, built in 2007, is fully equipped with the latest technological advancements and produces clean, expressive white wines.

The ‘O Rosal’ is a white blend made from Albariño, Loureiro, Caiño Blanco, Treixadura and Godello from the O Rosal area in the south of Rías Baixas. O Rosal tends to receive more sun exposure and less rainfall than other Rías Baixas subzones, but is still tempered by its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean and the Miño River, so the ripe citrus and stone fruit character of the wine is balanced by a refreshing acidity. The distinctive label is a hand-drawn map of the region, originally created as a guide for guests travelling to a Ruiz family wedding which took place at the winery.

The ‘Rosa Ruiz’ is a 100% Albariño that comes from a selection of old, low-yielding vines at the foot of the winery in San Miguel de Tabagón. The wine spends five months ageing on its lees, which adds texture and weight to the palate, and boasts concentrated flavours of papaya, mango and ripe lemon which linger on the finish. This bottle also has a distinctive label: a hand-drawn sketch based on an old photo of Santiago and Rosa standing on the balcony above the winery door.


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