Südsteiermark, südsteiermark Austria

Weingut Sattlerhof is renowned for its precise, elegant white wines. Located in South Styria (“Südsteiermark” in German), near the Slovenian border, Wilhelm and Maria Sattler own 35 hectares of organically and biodynamically farmed vineyards in the village of Gamlitz. Starting with the 2021 vintage, all of their estate wines will be Respekt-certified.

The Sattler family have been making wine at their 300-year-old farm since 1887. In the 1960s, they were among the first in the region to bottle high-quality dry white wines under their own name. Today, the baton has been passed to Willi and Maria’s sons, Alexander and Andreas. While their parents still take a keen interest in the estate, Alexander is now responsible for the vineyards and viticulture and Andreas heads up the winemaking.

Südsteiermark is considered a world-class region for Sauvignon Blanc. Weingut Sattlerhof have prime holdings from which they produce regional, village and single-vineyard wines.

The regional Südsteiermark Sauvignon Blanc is vinified in stainless steel tanks and has a bright, elegant and aromatic green apple and citrus character. The estate’s signature wine, ‘Gamlitz’ Sauvignon Blanc, is also vinified in stainless steel and spends 6 months on fine lees. The south-facing aspect of the Gamlitz village vineyards and their sandy-quartz soils create a distinctive yellow plum and white peach scented wine with subtle saline inflections.

At the top of the Sattlerhof range are the ‘Erste Lage’ and ‘Grosse Lage’ single vineyards, classified within the STK (Styrian Terroir and Classic Winegrowers), a strict quality association. These include the famed Kranachberg vineyard. At 580 metres above sea level, it consists of sandstone and gravel and is known for producing richly textured wines of substantial structure and longevity. The rare ‘Kranachberg’ Sauvignon Blanc Trockenbeerenauslese is a deeply concentrated botrytised wine that displays heady scents of luscious apricot, passion fruit, candied lemon and mandarin. It is intensely sweet and beautifully precise, carried by a pure vein of crystalline acidity.


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