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Terrapieno was created by a group of friends in Verona who have worked together for over 20 years. Matt Thomson makes the wines while Luca Degani of Cantina Valpantena and Gaetano Tobin of Cantina Monteforte provide the grapes from some of their best sites. The Soave, for instance, comes from the Foscarino vineyard in Soave Classico, one of the zone’s best sites. The Valpolicella Ripasso is also from a single site in the Valpantena.

"We all make a lot of very good wine in Verona, but Terrapieno is an opportunity for us to make wines from single sites that represent the best of what Verona can do," explains Matt Thomson, "the fruit is drawn only from the 12 hectares of vineyard we have planted and managed."

Terrapieno means ‘full earth’. It is a type of construction previously used in north-eastern Italy: an accumulation of earth to reinforce walls and fortifications. The Castello di Montorio in the Valpantena is a fine example.

The ‘terrapieno’ also contained a store for food reserves in case of sieges. Wine would also have been kept in these stores. As Matt, Luca and Gaetano meet often over food and wine, the name is very apt. The wines are very good, and well worth a try.


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