Viñas de Barrancas

Mendoza, mendoza Argentina

Sami Flichman bought land and founded his estate in Lulunta, south-east of Mendoza, in 1910. As there was a nearby vineyard, he assumed he'd be able to plant vines. However, the glacial river bed soil on the property was too free draining at a time when he didn't have enough water, so he came up with the ingenious and outrageous plan of bringing clay from the nearby Barrancas hills. 40,000 trips later, he had covered the glacial soil with 1-2 metres of clay in order to plant vines on 40 hectares of land.

"I sometimes curse him for not using limestone," jokes Germán Berra, the winemaker at Finca Flichman, which is where the Barrancas wine is made. Today, the clay soil ensures a juicier, richer style of Malbec than limestone would give, and Germán ensures the resulting wine is fresh and fragrant. It offers great value for money.


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