Our Team

Senior Management

The Liberty Wines board comprises six non-executive directors and two executive directors. Between them, the non-executives have over 200 years experience in the international wine trade, with on-trade and independent off-trade being their areas of specialty.

Executive directors Tom Platt, and Andrew Knott lead the 12-strong executive team at Liberty Wines.

Our UK sales team covers London and across Southern, Eastern, Central, and Northern England, as well as Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and the Channel Islands.

Liberty Wines Employee

Tom Platt

Chief Executive Officer

Liberty Wines Employee

Andrew Knott

Chief Financial Officer

Stuart Murfitt

Director of Operations

Alex Linsley

Business Development Director

Liberty Wines Employee

Ellie Harrison

Head of HR

Ernesta Singleton​

Head of Sales, London

Karen Taylor

Head of Sales, Central & South West England

Peter Rowe

Head of Sales, East & South East England

Tim Tweedy

Director of Business Development

Liberty Wines Employee

Will Nall

Director of London and South East Sales

Mike Stewart

Director of Regional Sales

Liberty Wines Employee

Tom Jones

Director of National Accounts

Liberty Wines Employee

Rachael Deal

Deputy Head of National Accounts

Clare Whitehead

Head of Education

Will Protheroe

Head of Customer Business Support

Nicholas Moschi

Director of Buying

Liberty Wines Employee

Lucy Perbellini

Buying Manager

Liberty Wines Employee

Laura Cowburn

Head of Brand Management

Xavier Gauthier

Head of Champagne

Liberty Wines Employee

James Robinson

Head of Sogrape Brands

Liberty Wines Employee

Nicola Gutman

General Counsel

Liberty Wines Employee

Lily Ash

Head of Finance

Mark McKiernan​

Head of Distribution

William Clement

Head of Process Improvement

Conor Ward

Customer Services Manager

Liberty Wines Employee

Mirko Capuano

Head of Supply Chain

Scott Charles

Operations Manager - Timbermill Way

Liberty Wines Employee

Gareth Slade

Operations Manager - Basingstoke

Liberty Wines Employee

Qasim Shoukat

Customs & Compliance Manager