Our Sustainability focus

We believe we have a duty to help curb the effects of climate change, protect our producers' vineyards and ensure the sustainability of the global wine industry.

Sustainability is a long-term commitment. 

In 2014, we became the first UK and Ireland wine company to achieve carbon-neutral certification. In 2021, we took this one step further by becoming Carbon Neutral Plus, and, as a result, the carbon emissions associated with each £1 of wine we sell have now dropped by 39% since 2017.

Every year, we constantly seek to improve our environmental impact, refine our practices and ensure that we remain restless in our pursuit sustainability.

Whether this be eliminating waste in our offices and warehouse (in 2023/24, we achieved a 100% recycling rate from First Mile), improving sustainability in our supply chain (with electric vehicles and shipping more by rail and sea vs. road), or introducing solar energy to our warehouses and offices, we always look ahead to implement more sustainable, business solutions that benefit the planet.