Burgundy En Primeur 2022

Winemaker Gregorie Patriat

Ellen Doggett

Although most Burgundy winemakers show their En Primeur wines in January, a select few, including Grégory Patriat of Jean-Claude Boisset, presented their 2022 vintage in London during November 2023.

Who is Jean-Claude Boisset?

Jean-Claude Boisset is a family-owned wine company founded in 1961, with their first parcel located in Gevrey-Chambertin. Since 2002, the wines have been made by Grégory Patriat. Previously head viticulturist and assistant winemaker at the legendary Domaine Leroy, Grégory has brought a detailed, vineyard-led approach to Jean-Claude Boisset.

Grégory’s select group of growers, with whom he works closely throughout the year, allow him access to the highest quality fruit from small parcels and lieux-dits across Burgundy. Grégory’s team now harvest most of the vineyards themselves which, although logistically challenging, allows the team even greater control over the quality of grapes. Grégory makes a range of wines, many in tiny quantities, which convey a unique sense of place.

So, how does 2022 shape up?

Following the challenges of 2021, the 2022 vintage in Burgundy is characterised by abundance and excellence. Despite heatwaves and the largest drought in Burgundy since 1976, 2022 emerged as a generous vintage, with excellent quality and yields far exceeding the three previous years.

The growing season began with a cold winter, which delayed budburst and ensured most vineyards escaped April frosts unscathed. Optimal spring conditions followed and the vines grew quickly, with flowering taking place in mid-May. The summer was hot and dry, yet rain showers at the end of June replenished water reserves and allowed vines to thrive. Harvest began on 29th August with the Corton ‘Les Renardes’ Grand Cru parcel and finished on 14th September. The grapes were in such excellent condition that virtually no sorting was required.

Having tracked the ‘élevage’ process over the past year, Grégory Patriat describes 2022 as “a beautiful vintage”. He is particularly excited by the potential longevity of the 2022 red wines, which balance fantastic concentration with remarkable freshness.

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What should you be buying?

The short answer is anything you can get your hands on. Spanning village, Premier Cru and Grand Cru appellations, the 2022 Jean-Claude Boisset wines illustrate winemaker Grégory Patriat’s immense talent and ability to capture the nuances of Burgundy’s climats.

The long answer is that you should be buying 2022, a vintage built for long-term ageing, but also looking back on the brilliant wines of 2021. 2022 was a hotter, riper year than 2021, which has the generosity and depth of 2018 but without any of the boozy kick (plus a lot more acid). Yet it is stylistically very different to 2021, which was much cooler and produced lighter wines which Grégory believes are some of the most approachable Burgundy expressions made in recent years. They are drinking beautifully now.

Our top picks from 2022 and 2021


Please speak with your sales representative for pricing and availability. The 2022 vintage is available to order En Primeur now and will be landing in April/May 2024.

  • ‘Les Moutots’ Bourgogne Aligoté 2022- 17.5 pts (Julia Harding MW, jancisrobinson.com)

Current Vintage: 2021 [BO348B21]

Julia Harding MW singled this wine out as ‘outstanding’ in her tasting report of the 2022 Jean-Claud Boisset vintage and we aren’t remotely surprised. This is the wine Grégory is most proud of, offering a fantastic example of how this once-undervalued variety has become one of Burgundy’s most exciting and affordable grapes. Grégory is so passionate about Aligoté, that he is even a member of the ‘Les Aligoteurs’ association, which promotes the variety.

Sourced from 53-year-old vines just to the south of Chorey-lès-Beaune, the 2022 and 2021 bottlings offer excellent Aligoté expressions through the lens of two very different vintages.

  • Fixin Blanc 2022 – 16.5 pts (Julia Harding MW, jancisrobinson.com)

Current Vintage: 2020/2021 [BO305B20 / BO305B21]

The second most northerly appellation in the Côte de Nuits, Fixin is best known for its red wines. In fact, only six hectares of this 125-hectare appellation are planted to Chardonnay, meaning that Fixin Blanc remains a rarity but is well worth a taste.

Boisset’s Fixin Blanc hails from a parcel located beneath the famous Premier Cru ‘Clos du Chapitre’ on marl and limestone soils. In both 2021 and 2022, it offers brilliant value for money, distilling Grégory’s immaculate style into an accessible yet versatile Chardonnay expression. 2020 is also a real winner and we still have a limited number of bottles tucked away …

  • Chassagne-Montrachet Premier Cru ‘Les Chenevottes’ 2022 – 17.5 pts (Julia Harding MW, jancisrobinson.com)

Current Vintage: 2020/2021 [BO313B20 / BO313B21]

  • Chassagne-Montrachet Premier Cru ‘Morgeot’ 2022 – 17 pts (Julia Harding MW, jancisrobinson.com)

Current Vintage: 2021 [BO345B21]

These two Chassagne-Montrachet Premier Crus tell a tale of microclimate and show the amazing diversity to be found in such a small area.

With the smaller cru of ‘Les Chenevottes’ to the north and the larger cru of ‘Morgeot’ to the south, these two wines offer beautiful points of difference within this famed appellation. ‘Les Chenevottes’ is (as described by Julia Harding MW) ‘so generous and caressing but balanced by great freshness’ while the ‘Morgeot’ is more ‘deep fruited and spicy’ with notes of ‘citrus and herbs’.

  • Jean-Claud Boisset, Organic Bourgogne Hautes-Côtes de Nuits 2022 – 16.5 pts (Julia Harding MW, jancisrobinson.com)

Current Vintage: 2021 [BO202B21]

This is a real gem of a wine hailing from high-elevation organic vineyards which run parallel to the Côte de Nuits. Something Grégory is particularly good at (unsurprising given his time at Domaine Leroy) is making very pure styles of Chardonnay. This is a youthful, citrus-driven expression which is incredibly approachable.

  • Jean-Claud Boisset, Chorey-lès-Beaune 'Les Beaumonts' 2022 – 17 pts (Julia Harding MW, jancisrobinson.com)

Current Vintage: 2021 [BO265B21]

Jean-Claude Boisset’s Chorey-lès-Beaune ‘Les Beaumonts’ hails from a parcel of over 100-year-old Pinot Noir planted in 1902. These are the oldest vines that Grégory works with, they produce such small yields and tiny berries that Grégory refers to them as “the caviar of Pinot”. These small grapes create so much flavour intensity in the final wine, it is no wonder Julia Harding MW mused over its ‘remarkable concentration’. A beautiful, brooding wine from vintage to vintage.

And finally ...

Grégory’s fragrant ‘Clos de la Roche’ Grand Cru was a triumph in 2022, so much so that Julia Harding MW not only gave it 19 points (on jancisrobinson.com) but is also quoted as saying, ‘I'd be happy to wear this as perfume.’ (hear hear!). Naturally, this is incredibly young and needs a LOT of time to hit its stride, but luckily, we have a small treasure trove of 2017 magnums available… though perhaps not for much longer, so be sure to jump on these before they’re gone.

Please speak with your sales representative for pricing and availability. The 2022 vintage is available to order En Primeur now and will be landing in April/May 2024.