Environmental goals continue apace at Liberty Wines

We are very proud that our year-on-year total carbon emissions fell by 10% in 2019, our sixth year of Carbon Neutral certification.  Despite increasing sales, emission rates per nine litre case and per £million turnover were down 12% and 19% respectively.

Since 2014, our environmental programme has focused on tracking and reducing the business’s carbon footprint. To complement our internal efforts, we have offset all direct and indirect emissions under our control by supporting Verified Carbon Standard certified projects.

Consistent reductions were made in the emissions caused by transporting wine from producers across the world to our customers – the biggest contributor to our footprint. This was achieved by moving shipments from road to rail or sea wherever possible, through increased consolidation, which means higher container fill-rates, and through route-planning software which increases van fill-rates and delivery efficiency. 

Elsewhere in the business, further reductions were made by switching to 100% renewable energy at our head office and warehouse, trialling e-bike deliveries in central London, and introducing warehouse barcode scanners, saving 200,000 pages per year.

David Gleave MW comments: “The sustainability of the wine industry remains a key concern for us and every step we make to reduce our carbon emissions is a positive one. The quality of our wines and serving our customers is still at the heart of our business, but even in these uncertain times we have a responsibility to do what we can to minimise our impact on the environment.”

He continues, “Offering Carbon Neutral delivery from the winery to the customers’ door is something we are proud of, however, we are committed to working even harder in future by setting stretching targets to reduce our impact further and by continuing to support others looking to do the same wherever we can.”

For more on our environmental policy and actions please visit our Environment and Sustainability page.